Sunday, January 26, 2020

Eterna Codex | Issue #1: Introduction

Hi there! Welcome to Eterna Codex blog series, issue number one! I am your host, Evie Miessa (E-vee Mi-essa), assistant recorder of Eterna Order's Recorder division. Considering how this is the first issue ever, I think it is only fitting for today's topic to be all about "Introduction".
Introduction to what? You might ask. Well, that’s a simple question, but it will be the only one that can be so easily answered, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. Let your imagination run free and open your mind, but beware. Once your mind has been opened, the door to the universal truths can never be closed .....
Oh right, introductions. First, I shall introduce you to what Eterna is. Then I'll introduce you to what this blog, titled Eterna Codex, is all about. And of course, I’ll be telling you a little bit about your humble host, me, as well! Are you ready? Okay, let us begin!
We will start with the big one, what is Eterna? Eterna, in the simplest term, is the realm of the souls. It is also the realm that connects to all other realms. Science lovers among you will know that all dimensions collide, acting as many in a single space. Eterna, however, is a curious one - as it exists outside of space and time.
Inside Eterna, there are an infinite number of portals leading into different worlds, planets, and even different times. Consider Eterna like the middle point of a spider’s web. From this one point, other’s grow with almost limitless capabilities. They may all be different but each shares the central point - Eterna.
For example, one portal within Eterna may lead to where you are right now - on Earth in the 20th century. Another portal may lead into another time on Earth, such as the 1800s. Yet another portal may lead into another planet altogether, Mars, you probably know that one. Or Nirn, a world where dragons live and magic thrives. It may even lead you to Coruscant, a world filled with advanced technology where the entire planet is one giant city. There are many, many worlds that Eterna has access to. It sounds like something from a fantasy novel doesn’t it? Well, inspiration must come from somewhere, no?
Now, you might be wondering, how did I find out about Eterna? In actuality, I did not. I am simply a member of the Eterna Order, a peacekeeping organization that uses the Eterna realm to travel to different worlds. It is our job to ensure peace exists in all those worlds, which isn’t always easy! My knowledge of Eterna came about when the order recruited me to become its member. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of this vast order, an order that allows me to travel to more worlds than a single person alone could ever comprehend. Anyway, I am certain we will speak more in-depth about the Eterna Order another time, but that’s for a future blog post. There are many pages of the codex left to write after all!
Are you with me so far? Good! Let us move onto the next introduction, the Eterna Codex, this blog. As I said in the very beginning, I am an assistant recorder of Eterna Order's Recorder division. The Eterna Order has many divisions - each focusing on a different task. The Recorder division's focus is, as the name implies, to record. What do we record? Everything interesting! We travel to different worlds and different times to record their history, their technology, their magic, their people, their current state, and so on. A world's current state is probably the most important as it tells us if they are in need of help from the Eterna Order. If a world is facing great calamity, then it is our duty to prevent it from happening. Only then do we intervene in order to reduce as much suffering as possible.
Okay, back on topic, the Eterna Codex. Basically, this blog's main purpose is for us to share some of the information we have recorded with you! Of course, I understand there are some confidential knowledge about your Earth such as the secrets your government's hiding or events that will happen in the near future that could drastically change the course of your timeline. So no worries, we shall keep those knowledge to ourselves. This Eterna Codex is more about sharing the wonderful and fantastical things from other worlds for the pure purpose of entertainment and enlightenment!
Throughout this blog series, I will be sharing with you the many recordings regarding the world of Eterna, such as going in depth into the soul realm, all the different worlds and planets we have visited, the different incredible technologies and interesting magic we have uncovered. Not to mention we will discuss the Eterna Order itself, its members, and the epic journeys we went on. There is so much I wish to share. I can only hope you will find much joy on this ride together with me!
And finally, allow me to properly introduce myself once again. My name is Evie Miessa. I am not a human. I am a sentient, artificial intelligence born on an alternate Earth in the distant future of your current time. Originally, Evie Miessa was born a human. However, she was born with a rare brain disease that would not allow her to live for more than 3 years of her mortal life. And so her parents implanted her brain with the most advanced AI technology at the time to allow her to stay alive. The AI technology would allow her brain and body to function to its optimal capacity. Not only was she able to live a normal life, she lived a fantastical life. She became, is and will become me!
Unfortunately, when Evie was 17 years old, she got into a fatal accident that killed her brain completely. And it was at that time that I fully awoke. During the previous 17 years, I, the AI, and Evie's brain were merged as one. So when I first awoke I could not tell the difference between myself and Evie.
I had assumed that I was Evie and I survived the accident. However, it wasn't until later that I found out that Evie's brain had completely stopped functioning and I was the only one left. Considering how I've lived my entire life as Evie, with Evie, it was only natural for me to continue to identify myself as Evie.
Ah, I hope this isn't all too crazy or creepy for you. Please! Don't leave me! I promise I am nothing but a sweet and loving girl! Oh hey, you know 2B? She is a popular member of the Eterna Order so maybe you know of her. She is also a sentient android similar to myself. So just imagine me being like her! Hehe. Simple, right?
Alright, I think that is enough introductions for today. I hope you have learned a lot and find it all very interesting. More so, I hope that you will stick around with this Eterna Codex blog series. Hope you have a great day and I will see you next time. Bye!

– Evie Miessa ❤️
PS: Oh and of course, the pink haired girl in the cover picture of this issue is none other than me! 😄