Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Eterna Codex | Issue #3: The Eterna Order

Hi hi, Evie Miessa here. Once again bringing you another issue of Eterna Codex blog series! Today I want to talk to you about the Eterna Order! In the previous two issues, I introduced to you about the Eterna realm also known as the soul realm. I also mentioned how the Eterna Order was created thanks to Divine Lady Cecily & Grandmaster Shin. If you missed the previous two issues, be sure to check them out at:

Alright, here we go. Where to begin? How about let us start with the core mission of the Eterna Order! Eterna Order in its essence is a peacekeeping organization. With the ability to open portals within the Eterna realm – it allows us to travel to different worlds and different times so we can bring peace and reduce suffering to as many people as we can. Our important work spans the vast multiverse.

Within the Eterna Order, we have five major divisions. They are Explorers, Recorders, Balancers, Healers, and Supporters. Now please allow me to explain each of the divisions in further detail.

First up we have the Explorer division. They are adventurers who are the first to get send into another world. Exciting but often dangerous stuff! Their job is to explore & scout the world and report back on whether a world requires assistance or if they are in a relatively peaceful state. The Explorer division's leader is Pathfinder Niomi Ryder. During her original timeline, she was tasked to lead the Andromeda Initiative - a project aimed to find a new home for humanity as Earth was facing possible annihilation from the an alien machine race called the Reapers. Due to her experience with the project, it makes her the ideal choice as Eterna's Explorer division leader.

After the Explorer the next person to enter the realm will be the Recorder. This is where I belong and it’s a role I am honoured to play. We are often sent in with the Explorers as the first wave. Our job is, as the name implies, to record and document everything we see in those worlds. We learn as much as we can in those worlds – we pay special attention to their lands, their magic, their technologies, their people etc. The leader of the Recorder division is Master Yic Zeiros. He is an incredible mage who has access to the lost magic, Chronomancy, which allows him to control space and time. A nifty little aspect that has allowed us to document crucial information many times. There are a few things more beautiful than the ultra-slow beat of a fairy's wings as it passes right by your face, or the slow fall of morning dew from an alien plant you’ve never encountered before.

Next up in our team we have the Balancer. They are the fighters & defenders whose job is to bring peace & balance to the worlds through taking down evil. Balancers are sent to worlds that are in major crisis and require assistance. The leader of the Balancer is High Commander Laeda Averia. She is one of the best fighters in our organization. But more than fighting skills, she is a magnetic leader who can bring people together. The order knows the importance of balance, and nothing lasting can be built on strength of body alone. A lasting peace needs unity between mind, body, and soul.

Balancers are often ones who require to be in the public eyes the most as they risked their lives to save countless of worlds. It is only natural that many of them become famous heroes throughout many different worlds. A few notable Balancers include: Master Witcher Geralt of Rivia, the Hero of Fereldan Aedan Cousland, Grand Sorcerer Harry Potter, Commander of the Systems Alliance Jay Shepard, and Jedi Master Rey Skywalker.

Up next, we've got the Healer division. Healers consist of doctors and mages who are talented in the art of restoration magic. Normally during a major mission, a Healer will be sent in with the Balancers for assistance. Otherwise, they would be tending to the wounded at different Eterna Order bases. Bringing peace is not always the most peaceful work, and sadly there are often casualties – making this role as crucial as any other. The leader of the Healer division is none other than our Founder, Divine Lady Cecily Trinitir. She is the kindest soul who possesses the most potent healing magic within the Eterna Order. And that is an impressive feat considering how we have some of the greatest mages ever lived.

And lastly, we have the Supporter division. They are the ones who run in the background of the organization to keep things going smoothly. They have cooks, blacksmiths, engineers, pilots, cleaners etc. Obviously, the Supporter division is huge with lots sub-divisions to take care of. Hence why they need a leader who is able to manage a million things at once in SION, who is the most advanced sentient AI in our organization. Yep, as much as I am considered highly advanced on the Earth I was from, SION is advanced in the multi-galaxy and multi-dimensional sense. Yes I know, it can be pretty scary. Luckily, he is nothing but a sweet pie.

Now that you know all the divisions within the Eterna Order, let us talk about our base of operation – the hub of our missions for peace. Our main base is located in the world of Vidia - a world with both high technology and high magic. Aside from our main base, we also have many other bases throughout different worlds and times. These bases are all built on top of Eterna portals so they can lead directly into the Eterna realm. Eterna operates mostly in secret, hence the bases require a front. Some of them are hidden inside a church, some inside a castle, some inside a police station etc. They could be anywhere, and you would never know it – not unless you were to join our ancient and sacred ranks. Eterna members are free to choose whichever base they wish to stay in when they're not on mission. For example, the base I am currently writing this issue is in the Skyrim continent of the planet Nirn. Wait, should I have disclosed that information? Ah, no matter. Moving on!

Finally, let me talk about joining the Eterna Order. Eterna consists of the most exceptionally skilled people in their area of expertise. Be it experts in combat, magic, healing, scouting etc. When Eterna members find exceptional talents during their travels, they may report to the founders or the division leaders for consideration. And after some serious inspection of the individuals, they may be approached to be recruited. Personally, I was recruited by Master Yic Zeiros on the Earth I'm from. Perhaps I should tell you this interesting tale some other time.

You might be wondering at this point, can anyone be recruited? Including you? The simple answer is yes! We need talent, so if you feel that your heart belongs in Eterna, your best bet is to work hard to improve your skills. If you demonstrate extraordinary abilities, one day we may just knock on your door in the middle of the night .....

AND that wraps up today's issue. In the future if there are any major changes to the order, I may write a follow up blog to explain the changes. Or maybe I'll simply decide to talk more details about the Order. Now, the next issue is going to be a little different. It will be the first "Member Profile" issue where I introduce to you some of the Eterna members. And the first member I'm going to introduce to you will be the leader of Recorder division, my master and mentor, Yic Zeiros. Fun fact, who is also the owner of this YouTube channel. Aha! I bet you're super curious right now huh? Well, be patient and I shall see you in the next issue. Evie out!

– Evie Miessa ❤️