T I M E L I N E | Creation Era

Earth -13,500,000,000

Lore: The universe was formed.

    Earth -5,000,000,000 / Star Wars -5,000,000,000

    Lore (Star Wars): Korriban was formed.
    Lore (Star Wars): The Yavin system was formed.
      Earth -4,500,000,000

      Lore (Earth): Earth was formed.

        Earth -200,000,000

        Lore (Earth): Mammals appeared on Earth.
          Earth -2,800,000

          Lore (Earth): Homo habilis (Human predecessors) existed on Earth.
            Earth -1,990,000 / Star Wars -2,000,000

            Lore (Star Wars): Wookies appeared on Kashyyyk.
              Earth -490,000 / Star Wars -500,000

              Technology (Star Wars): Space travel achieved by Devaronians.

              Earth -200,000

              Lore (Earth): Humans evolved to the way they are in modern day.

              Earth -90,000 / Star Wars -100,000

              Lore (Star Wars): Coruscant covered by city - now known as Galactic City.

              Earth -41,000 / Toril -35,000

              Lore (Toril): The Days Of Thunder - This is the time of the fabled creator races, or Iqua-Tel’Quessir in the elven tongue, when many gods came to the consciousness of mortals, and many races still hid in caves. No mention can be found of elves, dwarves, and other races during most of this time. Still, their absence on ancient cave paintings is hardly sufficient evidence to say that they did not exist on Faerun at this time.

              Earth -31,400 / Toril -25,400

              Lore (Toril): Faerun was discovered by the Sun Elves and Moon Elves.

              Earth -25,000 / Star Wars -30,000

              Technology: Star Forge was constructed by the Rakatan Infinite Empire.

              Earth -20,783 / Star Wars -25,783

              Lore (Star Wars): Jedi Order was founded.

              Earth -20,000 / Toril -14,000 / Star Wars -25,000

              Lore (Star Wars): Galactic Republic was founded.
              Lore (Toril): Tribal barbarian of humans started appearing in Faerun.

              Earth -18,000 / Toril -12,000

              Lore (Toril): First Crown War - Aryvandaar (Sun Elf Kingdom), led by the Vyshaan clan, invaded Miyeritar (Dark Elf Empire) and pressured Shantel Othreier to accept occupation or suffer the same fate.

              Earth -17,300 / Toril -11,300

              Lore (Toril): First Crown War ended. Aryvandaar fully conquered Miyeritar.

              Earth -15,200 / Toril -9,200

              Lore (Toril): Fifth Crown War - The First Proclamation of Elven Court led to the revolt of the nobles of Aryvandaar and the last Crown War began. The Elven Court, the Seldarine priesthoods, and the long-hidden High Mages restored pockets of resistance and freedom across the entire Vyshantaar Empire, fragmenting the armies and nobles to limit their coordination.

              Earth -15,000 / Toril -9,000

              Lore (Toril): Fifth Crown War ended. The Vyshaan are utterly defeated and Aryvandaar is dissolved.

              Earth -8,000

              Lore (Earth): First human civilization started.

              Earth -7,076 / Toril -1076

              Lore (Toril): Orcgate Wars - Originally a magical experiment that quickly escalated into a war of devastating proportions.

              Earth -6,339 / Toril -339

              Lore (Toril): Karsus's Folly - Karsus seizes Mystryl’s powers through the casting of Karsus’s Avatar, but they are too great for him to control and the Weave fails, causing Netheril’s floating cities to fall to the ground. Mystryl sacrifices herself to save the Weave. She instantly reincarnates as Mystra and changes the rules for magic users. She was fast enough to save the cities Anauria, Asram, and Hlondath; the rest of the Netheril’s cities were lost or destroyed.