Friday, April 15, 2022

Codex | Introduction to Eterna

Hi guys, welcome to the first entry of Eterna Codex. Today I would like to formally introduce you to ETERNA. It is an organization I have been a member of for ... well, honestly what feels like many life times now. I know this may sound crazy, but bare with me as I explain further.

ETERNA, also known as the Eterna Order, in its essence is a peacekeeping guild whose core mission is to explore and bring peace to all known and unknown galaxies and timelines. Yeah, our scope is insanely huge I know. Using both time magic and advanced technology, members of Eterna Order are able to travel to all the different worlds across space and time. Therefore, it would be absolutely within reason to also think of us as a time traveler's guild.

The Eterna Order was founded by our Divine Lady, Cecily Eisner (Fire Emblem: Three Houses / Black Desert Online). At her birth, she was imbued with the soul of a goddess named Sothis who had the ability to control time. Cecily used this power to become a master strategist who helped end an all out war that took place on her home continent, Fodlan. Later as she continued to practice this power, she discovered the ability to open portals that lead to different worlds and timelines. She then went on to travel to numerous worlds and witnessed a theme across these worlds - powerful tyrants or dark entities who spread suffering to countless innocent lives. With Cecily's compassionate nature, she couldn't stand by to do nothing. And so she started the Eterna Order, gathering great heroes from all the different worlds to fight against injustice and evil.

The Eterna Order recruits the best of the best fighters, mages, strategists, mechanics, scientists etc from all corners of the known galaxies and timelines. We offer both full-time membership and part-time contracts. Full-time members are those who are dedicated to the cause of fighting against injustice and evil across all space and time. Some of the full-time members that you may have already met from the recordings on this channel include myself, Yic Zeiros (Skyrim / Dragon's Dogma), Evie Miessa (Cyberpunk 2077 / SWTOR: Smuggler), Aedan Cousland (Dragon Age: Origins / Elden Ring), Leyka Shepard (Mass Effect Trilogy), Zets Adaar (Dragon Age: Inquisition) etc.

[ Basically, all my original characters. ]

Part-time contractors are those who wish to help from time to time but are not fully ready to give up their life on their home world just yet. Some of the most well known part-time contractors you may have heard of are: Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher Saga), Morrigan (Dragon Age Saga), Liara T'Soni (Mass Effect Trilogy), Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy 7 Saga), 2B (NieR: Automata) etc.

Now, perhaps you are wondering why I am telling you all this. Well, mainly I want to provide you with some context to all the videos posted on this YouTube channel. You see, on the surface, all the adventures you watch on here may seem like unrelated, separate stories. But in fact, they are all connected. There is a secret purpose behind this YouTube channel. And it's that this channel is actually a video database for the many adventures we have recorded during our scouting and peacekeeping missions for the Eterna Order.

[ That said, if you simply have no interest in getting tangled up in this crazy web of time traveling and multiverse nonsense, you are more than welcome to just forget about everything you have read in this post and enjoy all the movies and series we post on this YouTube channel as standalone adventures. ]

Well then, I hope this brief introduction to the Eterna Order has been both informative and interesting to read. In the coming days, we plan on introducing Eterna members with detailed profiles and backstories, sharing additional side stories from our members, and insightful lore records we have collected throughout our travels. Thank you for reading. I look forward to continue to embark on this eternal journey of epic and wonderful adventures with you!

- Yic Zeiros

PS: We have an official Twitter page for the Eterna Order where we regularly post images & reports about our guild and its members. If you're interested, you can check it out @

Currently, most of the stuff posted on the Twitter page will also be re-posted here in the community tab. But eventually, I believe we will start posting more contents on there that will not be re-posted here.