What is the Eterna Archive?

The Eterna Archive is a database of all the records (members, worlds, events) for the Eterna Order.

What is the Eterna Order?

The Eterna Order is a peacekeeping organization with its core vision being to bring peace and balance across all the worlds through infinite universes.

Infinite universes? What?!

Depending on the time & location you are reading this, it may be hard to believe that there are infinite universes and countless number of planets and realms that harbor life or other entities out there. However, at Eterna Order, we possess the ability to travel through time and space using either advanced magic or technology. Through our time of discovery, we have witnessed countless number of universes, worlds, and realms that contains life forms and other entities.

Who is the author of this website?

My name is Yic Zeiros. I am a member of the Eterna Order. One of my roles within this organization is the Recorder. As the name implies, I record every significant events, members, and worlds within the infinite universes into this Eterna Archive.

Why are you using a website for this archive?

As the lead Recorder residing on Earth, a website/blog is the most convenient way for me personally. =)