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Member | Yic Zeiros

Basic Info:

Full Name: Yic Zeiros
Title(s): The Chronomancer / Dragonborn / The Arisen
Race: Human
Gender: Bisexual Male
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality Traits: Carefree / Compassionate / Charming / Creative / Curious
Class(es): Spellsword / Mage (Chronomancer / Summoner)
Preferred Weapon(s): Long Sword / Grimoire
Proficient Skill(s): Time Magic / Destruction Magic / Conjuration Magic
Love Interest(s): Julinna / LeykaLucina / Serana / Nadia
Family: Shira (Sister) / Yulinna (Daughter) / Ken (Son) / Morgan (Daughter)

► Attributes:

Strength: 82
Endurance: 77
Dexterity: 85
Intelligence: 90
Charisma: 91
Arcane: 97

► Video Records:

Major Role

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

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Final Fantasy 14


► Backstory:

Yic Zeiros was born on Vidia, a planet filled with both high magic and advanced technology. The major nations of Vidia were all ruled by different royal families, as their royal blood came with powerful magical abilities that gave them an edge in war. In truth, they were closer to gods than men. Yic was no exception as he was born the prince of Arcadia, a nation that resides high in the sky on a floating island. Yic's sister, Shira, was the queen of the nation. The Arcadia tradition was for a ruler to begin their reign at age 20, so Shira was a young queen only in her 20s. The royal bloodline came not only with extraordinary magical abilities, but also with a special affinity for particular elements. Shira, for example, possessed an affinity for ice, which multiplied the power of her ice spells by tenfold. Yic, however, still hadn't discovered his affinity as he reached the age of 17.

Yic was beloved by his people. Aside from his generosity and kindness, he enjoyed helping out folks as a hobby. When bandits or pirates were spotted, he would take his two loyal bodyguards to deal with them personally. Queen Shira wished Yic would leave such matters to royal guards, as she didn't want her brother to get hurt. Despite this, Yic could handle himself perfectly as he had been well trained in both sword art and magic since he was a boy. Not to mention his royal blood gave him incredible power.

On what seemed like just another normal day, Yic received reports of sky pirates raiding a warehouse at the edge of the city. As usual, he took his two loyal bodyguards with him to deal with the pirates. As it turned out, these were no ordinary pirates. They were much more organized and skilled than usual. While they were escaping, Yic chased them onto their airship. He encountered a young woman of his age with shoulder-length black hair, pale skin, and a slim figure. It turned out that she was incredibly skilled at sword art and was able best Yic in a duel.

The young woman introduced herself as Julinna Azumi, daughter of the leader of a rebel group called the Eskae. She confessed to Yic that she did not want to resort to piracy, but her homeland was being ravaged by a tyrannical lord with royal blood named Gorva. Food and clothing shortages were causing Julinna's people to suffer and die on a daily basis. Until now, Yic had lived a sheltered life in Arcadia without knowing much about the outside world. It was then that he discovered just how miserable the common people lived under the rule of royal lords outside of Arcadia. Due to their magical powers, these lords were free to do as they pleased without any accountability.

After learning about the outside world, Yic joined Julinna and the Eskae in battle to free her homeland from Gorva. It was during this battle that Yic discovered his special affinity, one of the rarest and most powerful, the affinity for space and time. He gained abilities to freeze enemies, speed up his movements, and teleport to different locations at will. By harnessing his awakened powers, Yic and Julinna overthrew Gorva and liberated her people. However, once word spread about Yic's power, royal lords across the world joined forces in an effort to eliminate him. Long ago in Vidia, a previous royal lord with the affinity for space and time ruled the entire world for over 500 years. This led to an ancient pact being formed among the royal lords. This pact stated that if one of them awoke to the power of space and time, the rest would join together to put them down as they posed a threat to all their powers.

Emperor Zion, one of the strongest royal lords, led the alliance of royal lords and demanded Yic be surrendered. After Queen Shira refused to turn in her brother, over 100,000 soldiers marched to Arcadia to seize Yic by force. Shira fought to protect her brother and the nation with all her power. Unfortunately, it was not a close fight. Emperor Zion used his power to summon a million swords to rain down on Arcadia - wiping out the majority of their troops and laying the nation to waste in less than a day. After that, the rest of his army stormed in to clear out the remaining survivors. Despite the affinity of space and time being extremely powerful, Yic had only just awoken to this power and was unable to fully harness its strength to defend his nation. In addition to Yic's parents and sister Shira, everyone that he loved was killed. Emperor Zion himself came face to face with Yic and defeated him in a fight. But just before Yic was killed, he disappeared into thin air and teleported to a faraway land purely on instinct.

After losing everything, Yic wandered aimlessly throughout the world for some time. Until Julinna, who had been searching for him since learning he survived the massacre of Arcadia, found him. In addition to her gratitude towards Yic for assisting in her homeland's liberation, the two had become friends, and maybe more. She took Yic into her home to stay with them. During this time, Yic discovered that the rebel group Eskae had bigger plans for Vidia. They wanted to end the absolute power of the royals by rallying nations around the world. The Eskae had gathered ancient crystals called magicite over the years, which had the ability to absorb a royalty's power rendering them powerless. Of course, Yic decided to join their cause for Vidia's freedom.

Vidia was engulfed in a 10 year war between tyrannical royals led by Emperor Zion and an alliance of common people and royals supporting their freedom. Despite the fact that most royalties governed with iron fists, there were some who still cared for the common people and wanted to end all the needless suffering. In the course of this war, Yic practiced diligently to improve his control of space and time. In time, he became a master chronomancer who had the power to turn the tide of battles and subdue mighty royals. During this war's final battle, Yic came face to face with Emperor Zion once again. Except this time, Yic was on a level playing field with Zion in terms of their fighting prowess. In the end, Yic defeated Zion using his chronomancy. As a matter of honor, he showed mercy to Zion. However, Zion would rather die a warrior's death than be stripped of his power and imprisoned for life. By lunging forward with a final blow, Yic was forced to end his life.

In the aftermath of the war, a council was formed between the common and royal nations. A set of laws was enacted to prevent lords from causing unnecessary suffering to the people. As a result, Vidia experienced long periods of peace around the world. As for Yic, he and Julinna fell in love over the course of this war, and they were married after it ended. Their deeds during the war were witnessed by a saintly woman named Cecily Eisner, founder of the Eterna Order, who invited them to join the guild. She described to them that it's a guild of time travelers who would visit countless worlds across the infinity of time in order to bring peace to as many worlds as they could. Yic and Julinna agreed to join the Eterna Order and have been key figures of the guild ever since. As of this writing, Yic Zeiros has risen through the ranks and is the current leader of Eterna Order's Recorder Division.