Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Event | Grand Kingdom


Grand Kingdom is set on the fictional continent of Resonail, where four nations are vying for dominance: Landerth, a cosmopolitan society built on commerce and manufacturing, Valkyr, a kingdom with a strong culture of warfare, Fiel, an isolated nation that acts as a refuge for those fleeing conflict, and Magion, which prides itself on its mastery of magic and magic-based technology. One hundred years after the fall of the Uldein Empire that once unified Resonail, mercenaries fight in battles throughout what remains of the region, all seeking to expand the territory of the four nations. As a rookie mercenary leader, the protagonist becomes involved in an incident which affects the whole continent, involving a legendary mercenary leader, the remnants of the Uldein imperial family, and the true history of the empire's collapse.


Yic / Yulinna / Ken / Vivina / Eden / Homio / Miola / Khris / Laeda / Iko / Shiki / Suyu

Geralt / TrissLucina / Chrom / Rem / Machina / Silmeria / Rufus / Vilja

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