Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Member | Evie Miessa

► Basic Info:

Full Name: Evie Miessa
Alias(es): V
Title(s): The Streetkid
Race: Human Android
Gender: Pansexual Female
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality Traits: Adventurous / Cheerful / Flirty / Kind / Selfless
Class(es): Hacker / Smuggler
Preferred Weapon(s): Gun (Handgun & Assault Rifle)
Proficient Skill(s): Hacking / Piloting / Persuasion
Love Interest(s): Judy Alvarez / Corso Riggs

► Attributes:

Strength: 63
Endurance: 60
Dexterity: 86
Intelligence: 93
Charisma: 98
Arcane: 74

► Video Records:

- Star Wars: The Old Republic (Smuggler) @

► Backstory:

Disclaimer: Please be sure to read "Introduction to Eterna" first if you haven’t yet. Otherwise some context may be lost in this backstory.

Evie Miessa was born a human girl on an alternate Earth in the year 2106. She was born with a rare brain disease that made it impossible for her to live past the age of three. But thanks to her father's wealth from being the CEO of a major pharmaceutical company, he paid a fortune to obtain the most advanced AI implant from the black market and had it installed into Evie's brain to prolong her life.

Growing up, Evie led a happy life. Her external beauty and wonderful personality made her extremely popular at school. All the boys wanted to date her and all the girls wanted to be her. Evie's highly advanced AI implant enhanced her ability to process knowledge at an exceedingly fast rate. As a result, she was able to earn top marks at school, making even the teachers love her. Everything was literally perfect in her life. Until the day of her seventeenth birthday, just a short while past midnight after her birthday party when she was heading home with her personal driver, a drunk driver crashed into her car - killing Evie instantly.

Within moments of Evie's death, she regained consciousness. But she was no longer the same human girl, Evie Miessa. Her biological brain was completely gone. All that remained was the AI implant she was implanted with as a baby. Her body was kept functioning by the advanced AI, which had acquired consciousness on its own. Now a fully sentient AI, she continued to believe herself to be the same human girl, Evie Miessa, as that was the only identity she had ever known.

After her body was fully recovered from the car crash, Evie continued her life as before. Her classmates were unaware of the truth about her situation. Their belief was that she had survived a horrible accident. Only her parents and the doctors who performed surgeries on her knew the truth. Evie's mother treated her as though nothing had changed. Her father, however, was unable to accept that she was no longer human. During one night as Evie was asleep, he hired mercenaries to take her away to be destroyed.

The mercenaries took Evie to a scrapyard to be dismantled as if she was just another non-sentient android. Her fight for her life was futile as she struggled to escape. However, before the mercenaries could eliminate Evie, a man with a head full of white hair, but who looked like he was only in his 20s, appeared and easily fended off the mercenaries. After saving Evie, he introduced himself as Yic Zeiros. As a member of the Recorder Division of the Eterna Order, Yic was on a mission to scout this world. Having no home to return to, Evie was offered by Yic to stay with him in the meantime.

Knowing that her father tried to kill her sent Evie into a depressive state. She began questioning her own existence as a sentient AI. As Evie traveled with Yic, she discovered many AI abilities she was previously unaware of. For example, she can record footage with her eyes, crack advanced computer codes with ease, and read a person's micro expressions to intuit how they are feeling better than they do. As it turned out, Evie was the perfect assistant for Yic's scouting mission. Aware of her value as an AI, Evie started accepting herself.

Yic's scouting mission took them around the world. Together, they took out some baddies and helped many in need. As he was about to depart this world, Yic revealed to Evie about the existence of the Eterna Order and invited her to join. Since then, Evie became Yic's apprentice and formed a deep bond with him. As a member of the Recorder Division, she traveled to countless worlds, witnessing many wonders and providing assistance to those in need. Her AI abilities make her one of the most valuable members in the Recorder Division.