Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Member | Evie Miessa

► Basic Info:

Full Name: Evie Miessa
Alias(es): V
Title(s): The Streetkid / The Stranger
Race: Human Android
Gender: Pansexual Female
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality Traits: Adventurous / Compassionate / Flirty / Optimistic / Selfless
Class(es): Hacker / Smuggler
Preferred Weapon(s): Gun (Handgun & Assault Rifle)
Proficient Skill(s): Hacking / Piloting / Persuasion
Love Interest(s): Judy Alvarez / Corso Riggs

► Attributes:

Strength: 63
Endurance: 60
Dexterity: 86
Intelligence: 93
Charisma: 98
Arcane: 74

► Video Records:

- Star Wars: The Old Republic (Smuggler) @

- The Outer Worlds @ Coming Soon

► Backstory:

Disclaimer: Please be sure to read "Introduction to Eterna" first if you haven’t yet. Otherwise some context may be lost in this backstory.


I … Evie Miessa was born a human girl on an alternate Earth in the year 2342. She was born with a rare brain disease called EXNU, short for Exdalunta Neuralgia, which made it impossible for her to live past three years old. But thanks to my father … her father's wealth from being the CEO of a major pharmaceutical company, MIRACO, he paid a fortune to obtain the most advanced AI implant from the black market and had it installed into Evie's brain to prolong her life.

Evie was born with light brown hair and bright blue eyes. From the time she was a kid, she dyed her hair pink because she loved the color. Other than her parents, very few people knew how she would look with her natural hair color. She was extremely popular at school. All the boys wanted to date her and all the girls wanted to be her. Evie's highly advanced AI implant enhanced her ability to process knowledge at an exceedingly fast rate. As a result, she was able to earn top marks at school, making even the teachers love her. Everything was literally perfect in her life. Until the day of her seventeenth birthday, just a short while past midnight after her birthday celebration when she was heading home with her personal driver, a car driving at 130 miles per hour crashed into her car - killing Evie instantly.

20 minutes or so later, I regained consciousness. I immediately noticed that my personal driver and the other driver were already dead. As for me, my body was wrecked with injuries - broken bones across my neck, spine, and legs, with blood and bruises spread throughout my body. No normal human should have been able to survive the accident. It took all my strength to call my parents for help, and I was eventually admitted to the hospital. The doctors prepared me for surgery, only to pause: preliminary scans revealed that I was already braindead. The only thing that was keeping my body alive and functioning was the AI implant - technically, me. This made me the first ever sentient artificial intelligence that existed in this world. After the doctors informed my parents of this fact, they insisted on following through with the surgery regardless. Me, now a fully sentient AI, still believed myself to be the same human girl Evie Miessa, as that was the only identity I had ever known.

After I recovered from my injuries, I slipped back into my normal life. The truth about me being a sentient AI was kept a secret from my schoolmates. Everyone thought I had simply survived a terrible accident. Mom treated me as if I was the same Evie as ever. However, dad's attitude had completely changed. He no longer spoke to me and couldn't even look at me anymore. Stupid me thought it was because of the scars on my body.

One night, my parents' intense arguing woke me up. Following their voices, I wandered toward the living room, just in time to hear about dad's intention of returning me to the engineer who created me from the black market - for me to be erased and scrapped entirely. As dad held a phone in his hand and mom attempted to take it from him, I finally revealed myself to them. “I’m still me!" I cried, rushing forward to give dad a hug. There was nothing I could have done to prepare myself for what happened next: instead of calming him, it enraged him even further, and all I recalled was the pain in my heart as he threw me to the ground. "Get away from me! You are NOT my daughter! You may look like her, sound like her, even act like her, but you are NOT HUMAN!!!" Devastated, I held onto mom until I found myself ripped from her arms by a group of armed mercenaries.

- Evie Miessa